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  • Cheap Wholesale Tactical Water Bottle Carrier Pouch Outdoor( RD41-9)

     Cheap Wholesale Tactical Water Bottle Carrier Pouch Outdoor( RD41-9) WCA audited bags & leather goods factory Offering custom designs and logos Free sample to test and check quality  Pls email to us for more details:

  • Conveyor Belts

    looking  for PVC conveyor  belts  2 plies with top and bottom  pvc. bottom  diamond  profile 2mm thick

  • Carmex lip balm.10000.pcs

    Looking for  a quotation of :Carmex classic lip balm ointment 10 gr. Quantity of: 10000.pcs.FOB. ( ten thousand). Best regards,

  • We Are Looking For Taiwan Company Who Has Factory/Warehouse In China Mainland

    We are an Ecommerce company located in Seattle US, we have our own operation site zulily. We don’t have our own brand and don’t support MOQ, we are focus on build your brand in US and selling your inventory.   We are similar to JD in china, but we are flash sell site, we set up an event and sell for 3 days, PO will issued to you after event finished with final quantity. Normally we start from your stock, we could sell any product which is new and trend. Currently our China sourcing team is focus on finding new and unique product from China. If you have factory or warehouse in China mainland and interested in working with us, please contact me.

  • Looking To Buy T-Shirt

    we are looking to buy 85000 dozens of T-shirt for peaceful demostration campaign,we call on interested supplier wish to participate on the bid to contact us with their bibbing application for submission to the organization incharge of this purchase, thanks and expect hearing from interested supplier Mrs Naumi Mbia

  • Travel Essential Oil Bottle Bag

    New Designs Polyester Travel Strap Essential Oil Bottle Bag ( PB461) WCA audite bags Mfg in Shenzhen,China Offering custom designs and logos  OEM /ODM welcome  Free sample to check and test!!!

  • Carmex Lip Balm. 10000. Pcs

    Looking for Carmex. A quotation of :Carmex lip balm ointment 10gr quantity of:10 000pcs.FOB Best regards, Mr Bani moun

  • Carmex lip balm.10000.pcs

    Looking for Carmex Lip Balm ointment 10 gr. quantity of: 10 000..pcs.FOB. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Me BANI moun.

2018 China Guangzhou Glasstec Expo

Glass products:Architectural and decorative glass, automotive glass,industr...

08/27/2018 - 08/29/2018
Mega Show 2017

10/20/2017 - 10/23/2017