Tech-Key Rubber Co., Ltd. Mao Yi Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Pays/Région: Taiwan
  • Ville: Nouveau Taïpeh
  • Personne à Contacter: Mrs. Julie Yang
  • Tel: 886-2-86868552
  • Fax: 886-2-86868554
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  • Tech-Key Rubber Co., Ltd.          Mao Yi Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Tech-Key Rubber Co., Ltd.          Mao Yi Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Tech-Key Rubber Co., Ltd.          Mao Yi Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.
Information sur la Compagnie Superior technology:
Multi-color silicone, natural molding, curved surface with multi-color, micro injection. Dedicated in producing and developing high-end technologies, with successful experience, we are professional and leader in the field.

60 years of OEM/ODM experience
Well-known customers from Japan, Europe, USA and Taiwan.
Our silicone rubber products are:
- Bicycle accessories, spare parts for cars and motorbikes, silicone keyboard, conductive silicone, USB cases, silicone pullers, silicone dolls and water-proof ring.
- Sort by function: Kitchenware, clothing accessories, sports, spare parts for cars and motorbikes, toys and presents accessories.

Comprehensive equipment: from materials mixed and color to spray coating
-Full set silicone equipment: materials mixed and color, thermoplastics, special deburring, spray coating
-We have professional and mature silicone spray coating technique. Beside spray coating on our own products, we also in charge for others.

Own Brand:
Silicone is a nontoxic, environmental friendly and heat-resistance material. It is widely used on tableware and baking tool. Silicone is also an excellent water-proof and shock-proof material therefore it is common on industrial products as well as consuming products.
Mao Yi uphold the spirit of environmental friendly and the concept of Made In Taiwan, every product we create are real “Made In Taiwan”. We established our own brand on October 2013 in order to introduce high and safe quality products to people.

Our silicone products can be used from electronic accessories such as hard disk drive case, USB, phone case; clothes(zipper head, silicone gel bra); device(water-proof ring, molded liner), home supplies (ID case, coaster, potholder, ice maker box) and others like doll or bracelet.
Type de Commerce Exportation,Fabrication,Service
Produits principaux Household Silicone Products
Mots-clés du Produit silicone rubber,silicone rubber products,silicone oem,silicone goods