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China Mould Manufacturer with Plastic Injection Moulding

Date d'Insertion: 2019/06/06 14:38:07
Date d'Expiration: 2019/09/04 23:59:59
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Information de l'Entreprise
  • Personne à Contacter:Ally
  • Tel:86-755-29406775
  • Fax:86-755-23462952
  • Adresse:Building #1, Fuhong Industrial Area, Fenghuang Blvd, Fuyong
  • Ville:SHENZHEN
  • État/Province: GUANGDONG
  • Pays/Région:La Chine (continent)
  • Fermeture éclair/Code de poteau: 518103


With rich experience in mold mold manufacture making building fabrication,such as plastic mold mould,injection mold mould,precision plastic injection mold mould,die casting mold mould,two-shot mold mould,over mold mould,insert mold mould,etc, TiPlas is a professional mold mould company mold mould maker in Shenzhen China which specializes in Design Engineering,Mold Mould Manufacture Fabrication Make Build,Injection Molding Moulding and Production for Plastics And Rubbers,Precision Machining for mechnical components mold inserts;for autos, cars,automotive components,auto parts,electronic products,connectors,gears,relays,etc,household appliances,sports leisures,medical devices,communication equipments parts etc.
With a team of experienced mold mould tooling designers and skilled employees,we guaranttee your outsourcing offshoring mold mould tooling in high quality and strictly commit to DME Hasco Misumi DIN LKM mold mould tooling standards.