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Airport GSE Tire

Date d'Insertion: 2018/11/20 14:24:31
Date d'Expiration: 2018/11/27 23:59:59
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Information de l'Entreprise
Apexway Products Corp.
  • Personne à Contacter:Mr. Jose Chang
  • Titre du Poste: Directeur direct
  • Tel:886-4-22512251
  • Fax:886-4-22512129
  • Adresse:8F-12, 77, Shi Cheng N. 1st Rd.
  • Pays/Région:Taiwan
  • Fermeture éclair/Code de poteau: 407


APEXWAY is able to supply Solid Tire, Pneumatic Tire for Airport Grounding Support Equipment, baggage trailers.


- Application: Baggage Trailer, Baggage Trolley, Dolly, Baggage Cart, Luggage Cart, Luggage Trolley, Luggage Trailer, Ground Power Unit, Transporter, Air Start Unit, ASU, Lavatory Service Vehicle, Airport Trailer.

- Type: Non-mobilized.


- Airport GSE Solid Tire Size:

4.00-8, 4.80-8, 15x4 1/2-8, 5.00-8, 18x7-8

6.00-9, 16x5-9

- Airport GSE Pneumatic Tire Size:

4.80-8, 18x7-8, 5.00-8
6.00-9, 21x8-9
23x9-10, 6.50-10, 7.50-10
7.00-12, 27x10-12
8.15-15, 250-15, 7.00-15, 7.50-15, 300-15, 8.25-15


- Airport GSE Wheel Rim Size:

8x3.00, 8x3.75, 8x4.50, 8x4.33
9x3.50, 9x4.00, 9x6.00
10x5.00, 10x5.50, 10x6.00

15x5.50, 15x6.00, 15x6.50, 15x7.00, 15x8.00

- Tire structure avaiable for varied application.
- Tire design adapt for Top and Side braking system.
- Complete product line for Non-mobilized GSE vehicle.
- Customized design upon requests.
- Rim assembly available.


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