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hydrogen oxident generator/alkaline water ionizer/jupiter ionizer/Kangen water

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7 color LCD screen 1 internal+ prefilters 4alkaline/1purify/2acidic PH from 4.0-10.0 auto-cleaning system DUPONT ionic membrane ORP:+700/-500mv 5 plates titanium dipped in platinium


Mildly alkaline water (pH 8-10) is marketed as healthy drinking water.It is produced from water ionizers via electrolysis.
Alkaline water containing molecular hydrogen is produced at the negative electrode (cathode).There are many names 
given to this water including: alkaline water, ionized water, alkali ion water, cathodic water,  electrolyzed reduced water, 
and many more.
Electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) is the most common term in the scientific literature.It is called “electrolyzed” because 
the water has undergone electrolysis and is called “reduced” because the water at the cathode has been reduced to hydrogen 
gas and hydroxides. This alkaline water has reductive characteristics due to the presence of dissolved hydrogen gas.
ERW for drinking purposes has a pH between 8-10 and a negative oxidation-reduction potential between -100 mV to 
-700 mV.  It contains dissolved molecular hydrogen gas (responsible for the –ORP) and low dissolved molecular 
oxygen gas.
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