Mountain Group

Info de Contact
  • Pays/Région: La Chine (continent)
  • Province: Changhaï
  • Ville: Changhaï
  • Personne à Contacter: Mr. Cao
  • Tel: 86-21-37662359
  • Fax: 86-21-51069129
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A propos de Nous

Mountain Group is a Chinese precision parts manufacturer which was founded in 1993. Now the company has 4 plants: turning plant, hot forging plant, cold forming plant and stamping plant. Mountain Group is on the principles of Quality, Efficiency and Excellence Service. The company has over the years been working on the following fields: Products: Precision turned parts & milling parts Precision hot forged parts Precision cold formed parts Stamped parts And customized industrial precision parts [ Click for detail ]

Mountain Group
Info de Contact
Nom de compagnie Mountain Group
Pay d'Origine La Chine (continent)
État/Province Changhaï
Ville Changhaï
Adresse Room 1109 Jiahe Business Center, Shanghai, China
Tel 86-21-37662359
Fax 86-21-51069129
Personne à Contacter Mr. Cao