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Optical Cable GYTA

Catégorie de produit Câbles optiques de fibre
Méthode de Vente Exportation,Fabrication,Vente en gros,OEM/ODM,Service
Condition de Paiement T/T,L/C à vue,Western Union
Commande Minimum: 1 Morceau
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Détails du produit

Attribut de produit:

  • Guangzhou , Guangdong , La Chine (continent)
  • DTS-1005
  • 12/28/2016

Informations Additionnelles:

  • customized
  • 3000m/roll
  • ** (cm)

Caractéristiques de produit / Dispositifs

Description of Product:
   In the structure of Model GYTA optical cable, the single mode or multimode optical fibers are jacketed by loose tube and the tube is made of high modulus plastics. Inside the tube, it is filled with waterproof filling compound. One piece of metallic reinforced core is in the center of cable core. For some optical cable with number of cores, a layer of extruded PE functions jacket of the metallic reinforced core. Surrounding the center reinforced core, the loose tube (and filling cord) is twisted into a compact and round cable core. The gaps within the cable core are filled with waterproof compound. After it is longitudinally wrapped by plastic coated aluminum tapes (APL), PE sheath is extruded to form an optical cable.
Features of Product:
1. The remaining length of optical fiber is controlled precisely to ensure prefect tensile strength and temperature characteristics of optical cable.
2. The loose tube material itself has perfect hydrolysis resistance and high strength. The special filling paste inside the loose tube is used to protect the optical fiber.
3. PE sheath creatures’ perfect UV resistant performance and environmental stress cracking resistance.
4. Waterproof performance of optical cable is ensured by following measures: Single piece of steel wire center reinforcement;
Special waterproof compound filled inside the loose tube;
100% filled cable core;
Moisture-proof layer of both side plastic aluminum tape (APL);
Perfect waterproof material could prevent optical cable from longitudinal water penetration.
Quantity Per Month: 5000000 rolls
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 3 Day
Mots-clés d'Acheteur:
Optical Cable, Fiber Optic Wire, Communication Cable, Network Wire, GYTA Cable
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