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Medical Diagnotic Test Kit For Troponin I

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  • Pays/Région: La Chine (continent)
  • Province: Jiangsu
  • Ville: Nanjing
  • Personne à Contacter: Mr. Robin
  • Tel: 86-025-68569011
  • Fax: 86-025-68568500
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Medical Diagnotic Test Kit For Troponin I

Catégorie de produit Kits de test médical
Méthode de Vente Exportation,Fabrication,OEM/ODM,Service
Condition de Paiement T/T
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1000 morceaux USD 1 / Morceau
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  • La Chine (continent)
  • IF
  • GP
  • 11/09/2015

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  • FOB Shanghai
  • 25pc in one box
  • ** (cm)

Caractéristiques de produit / Dispositifs

1 cTnI fast test kit applies
2 colloidal gold
3 detect cTnI in serum
4 plasma sample semi-quantitat
5 CE approved
Intended Use:
Cardiac Troponin I Fast Test Kit applies colloidal gold immunochromatography to detect cardiac Troponin I
(cTnI) in serum and plasma samples semi-quantitatively or quantitatively. This test is used as an aid in the
diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction such as Acute Myocardial Infarction, Unstable Angina, Acute Myocarditis,
and Acute Coronary Syndrome.
Principle of the Procedure:
The test kit contains two high specific and sensitive anti-human cardiac Troponin I monoclonal antibodies:
one gold-labelled and coated on the polyester film, the other biotinylated and fixed on the test line of the
product. The antibodies form sandwich complexes with any cTnI that is present in the blood sample. The
sample passes through the detection zone, in which the cTnI sandwich complexes gather along a line,
appearing as a purplish red streak (the test or signal line). Excess gold-labelled antibodies gather along
the control line, signalling visually that the test is valid. The intensity of the test line increases in proportion
to the cardiac Troponin I concentration.
Test Procedure:
1. Please read the manual carefully before testing, restore the samples and the test card to room temperature
and number the samples.
2. Remove the test card from bag, and use it within 1 hour. (The test card should be used as quickly as
possible once the bag is opened, especially if the room temperature is over 30 °C and the humidity is over 60%).
3. Put the test card on a clean table, horizontally layed and tagged.
4. Vertically dropping 120 μl or 3 to 4 drops of samples to the sample port on the test card.
5. Referring to the standard colorimetric card, get the semi-quantitative result by eye, or read the quantitative
result with the matching equipment. The result must be read within 10~30 mins.
Warnings and Precautions:
1. Pipettes can be used for one specimen only in order to avoid cross-contamination.
2. The best testing temperature is 15~30 C, and the best humidity is 40~60%.
3. Patient samples, used test card and transfer pipettes may be potentially infectious. Proper handling and
disposal methods should be established by the laboratory direction in accordance with local regulations.
Quantity Per Month: 10000 boxes
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 7days after paymeny
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