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Mimaki UJF-706 Wide Format UV Inkjet Printer

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Mimaki UJF-706 Wide Format UV Inkjet Printer

Catégorie de produit Imprimantes à jet d'encre
Méthode de Vente Exportation,Vente en gros,Détail
Condition de Paiement T/T
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  • Le Japon
  • Mimaki UJF-706 Wide Format UV Inkjet Printer
  • Mimaki
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  • 02/12/2015

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Caractéristiques de produit / Dispositifs

The Mimaki UJF-706 Wide Format UV Inkjet Printer is completely brand new, authentic, original, box sealed which included all accessories and 2-years globally warrantied.
Features of the Mimaki UJF-706 Inkjet Printer:
Staggered print head for simultaneous white and color printing
Extremely opaque white ink
Resolution of 1, 200 x 1, 200 dpi
UV curable ink (C-M-Y-K-Lc-Lm-White-Clear) produces a wide variety of color scales including highlight colors
Reverse print functionality
Ozone free operation
Application versatility
Accepts items up to 5.9" (150mm) thick
Handles a print area of 23.6" x 27.55"
UJF-706 Standard Specifications Wide Format Inkjet Printer Standard Limits
Print head: (Staggered) piezo-electric drop-on demand
Resolution: 600dpi X 600dpi, 1200dpi X 1200dpi
Ink: UV curable ink, 8 colors (C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, White, Clear)
Ink volume: 440cc cartridge for each color
Media Set Device: flatbed with vacuum table
UV Device: equipped with UV lamp
Interface: USB2.0 (5m)
Applicable Standard: VCCI Class A UL, CE and CB

Media Size (W x L x H) 28.34" x 24.40" x 5.9"
Image area 23.6"
Feed direction 27.55"
Distance Accuracy 0.1mm
Perpendicularity ± 0.5mm / 500mm
Power Requirements and Dimensions
Voltage - Printer Single-phase 200V x 240V
Voltage - UV Device Single-phase 200V
Power Consumption 3.3kVA or less (main unit 0.5kVA, UV device 1.8kVA, heater 1kVA)
Net Weight 1080 lbs.
Crated Weight
Dimensions - Uncrated (L x W x H) 98.42" x 68.89" x 54" or less
Dimensions - Crated (L x W x H)
Quantity Per Month: 50
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 4-days
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