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InkJet Printer, Potable Inkjet Coder

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  • Pays/Région: La Chine (continent)
  • Province: Guangdong
  • Ville: Zhuhai
  • Personne à Contacter: Mrs. Leaf
  • Tel: 86-0-13672669244
  • Fax: 86-756-8581060
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InkJet Printer, Potable Inkjet Coder

Catégorie de produit Imprimantes à jet d'encre
Méthode de Vente Exportation,Fabrication,Service
Condition de Paiement T/T,Western Union
Commande Minimum: 1 Morceau
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  • Guangdong , La Chine (continent)
  • AU-300
  • Aujet
  • CE. RoHS. ISO
  • 09/29/2016

Informations Additionnelles:

  • ZhuHai of China
  • suitcase
  • ** (cm)

Caractéristiques de produit / Dispositifs

on-line industrial inkjet printer
. Compact design
. Printing method, Piezo ceramics drive drop on demard
. 7 inch LCD touch color screen.
. can print Chinese, English, numbers, logoes, time, series number, barcode & 2D barcodes.
Technical Data
Print Resolution DPI, 200 DPI
Printing Fonts. High Resolution Character Fonts and DOT-MATRIX Character Fonts
Printing symbols, Can print logos & pictures, the length unlimited.
Printing rows, up to 15 lines for English and numbers, up to 8 lines for Chinese.
Height of Character, Print height range is 1mm-18mm(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18mm)
Automatic Printing, Date, Time, Lot No, Shift No, Serial No. ect
Message Memory, It can store huge amounts of information quantity and pictures
Text Length, Max. 200 characters per message
Serial No, 1-8 variable sequential numbers.
Printing Speed, Maximum 20 meters /minute
Colors of Ink Cartridges, Black, Red, White, Blue,
Printing material, Metal, plastic, wood, aluminum film, carton or building material surface ect.
Applicable products, Mainly used in the printing for product packaging, such as the area code, date code, lot code ect. Its extensive applications cover the fields of food, drinks, medicine, chemical industry and cement ect. It can printed on the penetrable surface( such as ordinary carton, template and textile etc), and also non-penetrable surface ( such as netting bag, silver mirror, aluminum mirror and glossy carton ect).
Ink Cartridge. Solvent based environmentally ink cartridge, oil based ink cartridge. No need to use gas source or dilution
Main Interface, USB, DB9, DB15.
Operation Temperature. 0-37 degree temperatures. 10% -80% Humidity
Status Display, Printing, encoder, indicator light of sensor
Quantity Per Month: 1000
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 3
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Industrial InkJet Printer, Inkjet Coder, Inkjet Marker, Portable Inkjet Printer
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