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LED Solid Maintenance Free Explosion Proof Light Corrosion Proof Lamp

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  • Pays/Région: La Chine (continent)
  • Province: Changhaï
  • Ville: Changhaï
  • Personne à Contacter: Pang
  • Tel: 86-21-61551333
  • Fax: 86-21-33793330
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LED Solid Maintenance Free Explosion Proof Light Corrosion Proof Lamp

Catégorie de produit Lumières anti-déflagrantes
Méthode de Vente Exportation,Fabrication,Vente en gros,OEM/ODM,Service,Détail
Condition de Paiement T/T,L/C à vue,D/D
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1 Morceau USD 190 / Morceau
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  • Changhaï , Changhaï , La Chine (continent)
  • BLEL1504
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • 65
  • 220V
  • 60-110W
  • 08/13/2018

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Caractéristiques de produit / Dispositifs

BLEL1504 series explosion-proof LED floodlights (hereinafter referred to as
floodlights) can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas where II A and IIB explosive gas mixture presents with T4 to T6 classification,and Zone 21 and Zone22 hazardous areas with combustible dust atmospheres. applied in railways, electric power, steel,oil fields, etc.

1. Working conditions
    a.Ambient temperature:-40ºC≤Ta≤+40ºC,-40ºC~+55ºC;
    b.Standard atmospheric pressure: 80kpa(0.8bar)-1 lOkpa (1.1 bar), Normal oxygen content:
    c.Relative humidity: ≤95%;
     d.Used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas where explosive gas mixture presents with T4 to T6 classification and combustible dust area zone 21 and 22;
    e.Vibration and shake free;
    f.Areas without gas or vapor which affects the performance of insulation;
    g.Pollution grade: 3;

2. Compliances
IEC 60079-0:2011     EN60079-0:2012
IEC 60079-1:2007     EN60079-1:2007
IEC 60079-31:2008    EN60079-31:2009

3. Structure
3.1, Shell using aluminum alloy die-casting molding (ADC12),with high-pressure electrostatic plastic sprayed surface,with anti-corrosion ability is very strong.
3.2, Using a cylindrical flameproof structure, reliable explosion-proof performance.Tempered glass is made of high strength tempered glass, fully meet the high energy shock resistance and thermal fusion requirements.
3.3,The exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel.
3.4, By introducing the device into the wire wiring cavity; steel pipe; lamps and are provided with a grounding screw shall be reliably grounded users.The shock effect is good, less heat, more safe and reliable.
4. Main technical parameters
Type Rated Power(W)              Ex-mark
-40ºC≤Ta≤+40ºC -40ºC≤Ta≤+55ºC

120  II 2 G Exd IIB T6 Gb
 II2 D Ex tb III CT 80ºC Db IP66
 II 2 G Exd IIB T5 Gb
 II2 D Ex tb III CT95ºC Db IP66
160  II 2 G Exd IIB T5 Gb
 II2 D Ex tb III CT 95ºC Db IP66
 II 2 G Exd IIB T4 Gb
 II2 D Ex tb III CT 130ºC Db IP66
Working Voltage Cable O.D(φ mm) Inlet Thread
100V~300V AC  50/60Hz Φ10~φ14 2×M25×1.5

5. Usage and Maintenance:
5.1 Check data on nameplate meet actual site conditions;
5.2 Check whether there are damage,distortion or loose on enclosure;
5.3 Workers of maintenance and repair shall be with professional knowledge and operation skills;
5.4 Conductors have been connected well,earthing stably;
5.5 In the repair shall be cut off before the explosion proof lamp power, open the cover off the power within ten minutes to ban open lamp, so as not to be high temperature scald; no off the power immediately after the cover with capacitor.
5.6 Electric gap,creepage distance and flameproof thread shall meet standard requirements during installation and maintenance;
5.7 During the installation, repair, should be properly protected flameproof surface, coated on the replacement of 204-1 type rust preventive oil.
5.8  The installation sequence
5.9During the installation, repair, care should be taken to ensure the flameproof sealing pressing body and the shell and explosion-proof cable introducing device in order to avoid the influence of inlet or explosion-proof lamp,explosion-proof performance.
5.10 Should regularly check the explosion-proof lamp fastener looseness,sealing,corrosion Rubber seals harden or become sticky, wire insulation layer is greenish or carbonation, insulation if there  Is deformation or scorch marks.Such as the discovery of the problem, should Be timely repair replacement. Regularly check the frequency of at least two times a year.Application of wet cloth to wipe the surface in dust environment.

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