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Yiao Kuang Anti-riot Lighting Self-defense Truncheons

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  • Pays/Région: Taiwan
  • Personne à Contacter: Steve Chang
  • Tel: 886-4-8363087
  • Fax: 886-4-8370191
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Yiao Kuang Anti-riot Lighting Self-defense Truncheons

Catégorie de produit Lampes-torches de LED
Méthode de Vente Exportation,Fabrication,Vente en gros,OEM/ODM
Condition de Paiement T/T,L/C à vue
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  • Taiwan
  • Shyi Yau
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Caractéristiques de produit / Dispositifs

1. Using 3 pieces of C battery.
2. Constant lighting over 100 hrs, super electricity-
3. Philips 5 W white light LED.
4. Illumination exceeds 150 lumens.
5. Exclusive precision light mask with illumination
distance over 200 meters.
6. Whole body in aluminum magnesium alloy, 4 mm in
thickness, one-piece-formed. Durable and never
losing shape.
7. 30u solid oxygen surface treatment, superior hardness,
anti-friction and scratching-resistant.
8. Rear conjunction part sealed tightly with spiral-
thread gasket, firm, water-proof and shock-resistant.
9. High hardness. It is even harder than aluminum bar as
used as tire-pressure test bar.
10. Hack-resistant. It even can cleave bricks.
11. Weight and pressure durable. It will never lose shape
even run over with truck tires.
12. Bumping resistant. It will never lose shape even
tossed against the ground from the sky.
13. 2-year warranty available.
14. 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan. Exclusively
patented products.
15. Length: 410 mm
16. Diameter: 34 mm
17. Net weight: 405 ± 10 g
18. Over 50,000 hrs service life under normal use.
Patent No./Country: . M303317
Mots-clés d'Acheteur:
LED flashlights, truncheons, flashlights, military and police equipments, safety/security products, anti-riot products, self-defense items, automobile accessories, waterproof flashlights
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