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Filter Cloth, Filter Fabric, Filter Media

Date d'Insertion: 2018/09/13 18:06:38
Date d'Expiration: 2018/12/12 23:59:59
Catégorie de l'Information de Commerce: Tissu filtrant
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Information de l'Entreprise
Ou Filter Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Personne à Contacter:COCO
  • Titre du Poste: Directeur du marketing
  • Tel:86-411-86721129
  • Fax:86-411-86721129
  • Adresse:Dalian,Liaoning,China (mainland)
  • Ville:DALIAN
  • État/Province: LIAONING
  • Pays/Région:La Chine (continent)
  • Fermeture éclair/Code de poteau: 116030


Our products are mainly including belt filter cloth, press
filter cloth, centrifugal filter cloth, disk filter cloth,
filter bag, dust bag, seamless filter cloth, fluid dryer
bag, anode bag ect. We can process especial specification
products and filter bag according to clients requirement.
Filter cloth are made from different material including
PET, PP, PA, PE, PCVC and COTTON ect, which ensure long
life in different working environment. Weave filter cloth
minimum porn is 0.5 microns, nonweave filter cloth minimum
porn is 0.1 microns.
Other industrial cloth are mainly including air slide
canvass (belt/fabric), corrugated board conveyor belt,
cement tank ventilation pipe (tubular textile), clearing
lump ect.